Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stuck on the bank of the river...

I won't bore you with excuses or reasons for no posts over the last....oh who knows or cares. Obviously, I haven't written anything.

Not that there hasn't been plenty going on.

I've just been in a dry spell of writing about life and it's ups and downs, ins and outs, dips and curves...well, you get the picture. I haven't wanted to look at things to carefully to get a deeper meaning or understanding.

But things are changing.

Life is passing me by and I haven't been paying attention like I need to. I'm afraid of what I might have missed while I was stuck, so I'm going to jump back into the water. No more allowing myself to be caught on the bank of life's river like a broken piece of driftwood. I want to ride down the middle of the river...over the rapids...getting drenched and having to gasp for air at times. That beats being stuck in the mud. It means I'll be moving, going forward, getting caught in small eddies to get a dazzling glimpse of new landscapes just before being swept away to start the journey all over again.

Maybe I've just been in an eddy and not really stuck in the mud these past couple of months. Hmmm...I'd better get a good look at the view before I move on!