Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting away from it all...

I need to do that much more often. I'm realizing I let myself stay much too busy and don't give time for God to really speak to me. I'm not taking time to listen....but I need to.

This weekend, I'm at a College Getaway, way out in the middle of nowhere....deep in a forest in Mississippi. We're at a beautiful campground - the facilities are nice, the food is pretty good, the fellowship with all these athletes, coaches and fellow staff members is wonderful - I'm having a great time!

But today, I was walking around during our free time, going from activity to activity taking pictures, and the sound of the wind blowing through the tops of the trees just overwhelmed me. It was such a calming and soothing yet powerful and majestic sound. I could imagine the voice of God sounding something like that...there was such power in it because these huge pine trees were swaying from the effects of the wind. The rustling of the branches and leaves (or pine needles on the pine trees!) was their response to the impact of the wind. It caused me to just begin to praise God for who He is, and what He has done in my life.

I also realized, that if I don't allow myself to be touched by the voice of God, I won't have an opportunity to respond to it. I need to be like those pine trees and stand still long enough that His presence can blow in, out, over, around and through me. I want my life to be a response to His presence, to His work in me and His voice.

Get away. That's what I need to do more frequently. I need to get lost in His word, in His Him.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who knew?

Be careful what you ask for. Especially when you are asking God!!!

I knew this year was going to be different...2006 just seems to be the year for many things: new stuff popping up and old stuff going away or being resolved.

Don't get too excited, it's not like I'm engaged or anything (dangit!)...I'm no where close to that (since it requires dating a guy)...but anyway....there are other things happening.

One thing in particular: I've been asking God to show me the "more" of being a Christian. Don't get me wrong...I've been a Christian for 18 years now and it has been anything but dull...but in the back of my mind and deep in my spirit, I've known that there is more to be had. So I asked..and keep asking...for God to show me the "more" that He has for me. Here it is, only 17 days into the new year, and already things are happening at a swift pace!!!

I have made some new friends through a Bible study. The first time I met with them (last week) my heart was instantly joined with theirs. The Holy Spirit is amazing in how He does that! So tonight, I went to an intercessory prayer meeting with them. I've felt that God is calling me to be more of a prayer warrior and intercessor this year. Funny how He does that...prayer is not my strongest area. :( But I know I have to get better at it if I am going to hear God's voice....and that is really what I've been praying for.

I want to know His voice amidst all the clamor of my daily life. Just like a sheep grazing on the hillside, I want to be able to hear my Shepherd's voice from a distance and come running to Him to see what He is be under His protection. I want to be walking so close to Him, that as He is speaking, I am already acting on His words. This may not make sense to some of you who are reading this...but I wish it did! There is so much joy in knowing God's voice. The times I've heard Him clearly in my life have been incredible...not always easy...but incredible just the same.

As I said...we're only 17 days into the new year, but man...what a ride already! I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!