Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Proud to be from Mississippi

There is a fantastic ad campaign that has been developed to help change the image of Mississippi. I'm always amazed at how uninformed people outside of our state are about us. Sadly, there are those within this state who are uninformed as well, and that's what makes this campaign so great. We (the people of our state) will be able to project a better image once we know who we are. We have much to be proud about, but I think the real picture of who we are was best presented in this ad:

In case you have a hard time reading the small print, this is what it says:
And the last shall be first. We always hear about Mississippi being last. Last in this, last in that. Well, at last, Mississippi is first. And what a first place to hold … in generosity. For eight years in a row, our generosity has won out over every other state in the nation. Per capita, we give more in relation to income than any other state. Any other state. Mississippi. Yes, our hands are out. And our hearts are open.

What a state!! :)