Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Yesterday, I was so overwhelmed by the blessings of God in my life. There are so many exciting things happening - I'm a youth minister, I've started a new business, there is a "special someone" in my life (still developing), I've made some new friends - who are bringing some excitment into my life :) - and most importantly, I feel like I've really been growing in my relationship with God. It has been an incredible year - and we're only 26 days into it! I can only imagine what the rest of the year will be like. So last night when I got home (I had dinner with my new friends - we had a blast!) I was so overcome with all the good things in my life. I couldn't help but give praise to God!

I've been trying to be more thankful to God and praise and worship Him each day. Worshipping God has been a hot topic in my quiet time and thoughts over the last few weeks. (I'll write more on that later.)

Anyway - today I was overwhelmed with a slew of emotions. It was so tough! All I wanted to do all day is cry! It was so crazy. I really hate when that happens - you know, a real high followed by a serious low. Fortuantely, that doesn't happen often in my life and when it does, I can usually identify some things that led to my low. One of the things that helped bring it about today is all the stuff I have going on at work. We have a major event this weekend, and today was extremely stressful in dealing with it. I was already weepy when I got to work, and the stress of what I had to deal with today didn't help.

The good news is - I'm much better now! As Scarlett says, "tomorrow is another day!" I know it will be better.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Who doesn't love flowers?

Today, I sent a basket of flowers to a friend for her birthday. I just love to get flowers! Unfortunately, I've only had flowers given to me five or six times. Two of those were work related and two arrangements came from a friend for my birthday and again as a thank you for helping her with some school work. I did get a bouquet of flowers from a guy one time, but that's been over seven years ago!

Of course, at this time of the year - namely Valentine's Day - getting flowers tends to be a mark of whether or not you have a Special Someone in your life and just how special you are to that person. Anyone going into a local grocery, drug or discount store will be overwhelmed with the marketing of Valentine's Day.

I have never really liked this "holiday". Even with the possibility of having a "Special Someone" in my life, this holiday just doesn't excite me. Now, let me offer one caveat before I go on - were I to receive a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day, I would not be able to stop smiling and would definitely feel special. However, I have always said (and you can ask my closest friends) that if, when I'm married, the only time I'm going to get flowers is at Valentine's Day, he can save his money. Notice I said if that's the only time he plans to get me flowers.

Here's why: Valentine's Day requires no special effort for a man to tell his sweetie how precious she is to him. An alien landing on earth could walk into a store at this time of year and be able to know he should get his alienette something special. Guys don't have to work too hard to remember Valentine's Day. If my husband doesn't think that I am special and worth the extra effort to get a bouquet of flowers at other times during the year, don't bother at Valentine's Day when you get a month-long reminder that the love of your life is special to you. BUT, if he goes out of his way to tell me how much I mean to him throughout the year, I wouldn't mind getting flowers on Valentine's Day. :)

You probably think I'm being picky. Well, you're right. There just isn't enough romance these days. People aren't willing to work hard to make their relationships special. I am so saddened by the number of couples I see who just seem to tolerate each other. How much spark and fire would be added to their lives if they would just go a little out of their way to make their spouse feel special? Sure it's work - but the can you put a price on that? I want my man to be willing to go the extra mile. After all, that's what I plan to do for him.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

My, how time flies!

Well, I can hardly believe it is already halfway through January!!! It was just New Year's eve a couple of days ago.....right?!??! I'm continuously amazed at how fast time passes the older I get. I can remember being in junior high and feeling like the summer lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! (I didn't like summers - we lived in a neighborhood with very few kids, plus - I just liked school!)

These days, it just seems like you blink and a month has already passed by! The Valentine's Day memorabilia is out in full force and I expect to see summer clothes on the racks before too many more days. As an's amazing the number of people who are back at the gym! The numbers had thinned out quite a bit in November and December and now it's almost too crowded to work out!!! Everyone's getting ready for the swimsuit season! I'm sure it's more noticable because I'm a member at an all-ladies gym.

Anyway - there is so much on my plate in the next few months. Lots of things are happening and I'm having to learn how to balance it all. It is an exciting time to be least I think so! I'm looking forward to what 2005 brings. Before I know it, the spring and summer will have passed and it will be the fall and winter season and time for the beginning of yet another new year.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm still here

Goodness where does the time go!?! So many things have been happening and occupying my time. I really am going to be better at posting thoughts and ideas here. Until the time comes to close this blog, that is - which is not anytime soon! :)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! Mine was really wonderful. It's amazing the changes that can take place among family and friends in the span of 365 days. I'm sure that the next 353 days will hold twists and turns we could never imagine. Hopefully, they will all be good and bring good things into each person's life.

Tonight as I was sitting in church, the thought crossed my mind that things are about to really take off - and I'm ready! I believe God is moving in my life and He's going to take me to places I've never been. I want to make sure I can hear His voice clearly and am willing to step out in faith when necessary. I don't want to miss a thing! My heart's desire is to know Him more intimately than ever before.

Well, that's just a few thoughts I had tonight. I realized I've been extremely derelict in writing on this page (not that I have THAT big of an audience!) and wanted to put something out there for those who do stop by.

I'll be back soon!