Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When we see His face...

They all looked straight in his face...And when some looked, the expression of their faces changed terribly - it was fear and hatred...And all the creatures who looked at Aslan in that way...disappeared into his huge black shadow...But the others looked in the face of Aslan and loved him, though some of them were very frightened at the same time. And all these came in at the Door...
- The Last Battle from The Chronicles of Narnia
Encapsulated in this brief quote from The Last Battle is a fictional representation of the moment of our judgement before God. Many volumes have been written on this subject - final judgement - by people much more educated than I and with much deeper understanding. I am no theologian or Bible scholar, however when I read this part of the story, I was struck at the language C.S. Lewis used to describe the scene.

For those opposed to Aslan, fear and hate was on their face when they saw him face to face. For those "on his side" when the time came to meet him, there was fear and love. Interesting how everyone felt fear. Perhaps the fear came from having heard stories of Aslan and who he was, imagining in their minds what he looked like and how he was, but, when face to face with him, the stories became reality and he was more than what they had ever imagined. There was no longer any doubt about the truth of his existence and at that moment the fullness of his power and authority. The hearts of each creature produced the other emotion evident on their faces - either hate or love. Those whose hearts were for their own interests, desires and power hated Aslan once they saw him. They knew his authority was real and absolute over everything. They hated him for that and their fate was sealed. Same thing for those who always believed what they heard and longed to see him. Once they saw him, their wildest hopes and expectations were confirmed and they loved him for who he was - and their fates were sealed.

Don't you think that is exactly what our choice is when it comes to Christ? For those who desire their own pleasures, desires, passions, power, etc....there is no room in their heart for love of Christ, His will or His ways. For those who deny self, give of themselves for others and sacrifice their wants, wishes and desires, their hearts are filled with love of Christ and their focus is His will and His ways.

I believe when we meet Him face to face, all the details of the "how" we went about our lives for Him won't matter. All that matters is one choice we make that determines the "how" of our lives. Either we hate everything about Christ or we love everything about Him and embrace it fully. The things we do don't determine our heart choice, but it sure represents that choice. If we love Him and choose Him, our life is going to have more of the self-denying, self-giving, self-sacrificing, self-revelaing love one for another and the actions that come with that than it won't. Sure we all stumble and fall and miss the mark (why else do we need a Savior?) but for the most part, our lives will reflect His love.

Those who choose themselves, their wishes, wants and desires first may be able to display moments of "love" but it won't last long and it won't be what they are remembered for.

Oh how I long to meet my Savior and Lord face to face....and enter in through the Door. How I wish everyone I knew and loved felt the same way.