Friday, April 08, 2005

Change is in the air...

Have you ever had a sense that things are about to change? Well, I'm having that feeling right now. The question is this - is it just a wish or desire I have that things in my life would change because I want that or is the Holy Spirit giving me a heads up about future events? I feel restless, a little dissatisfied and very watchful, but I don't really know what is happening. Either way - I'm going to get ready.

If what I'm feeling is simply a desire I have, then that means I might make decisions that will bring about change. This could be good or bad - so I need to make sure I'm listening to God and being obedient to His will in my life.

On the other hand, if what I'm feeling is the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart, then I need to be prepared to deal with whatever is coming up. That also means being able to hear what God is saying and be obedient to His will.

The truth is, regardless of where the "feeling" is coming from, I realize I just need to trust God, listen to what He is saying and be obedient.

Something else I realized yesterday is this - I don't know as much as I think I do. Duh! It is easy to make assumptions about things when you are looking from one perspective, but that can be dangerous and lead to bad decisions. So, that's why I'm trying to be real cautious when it comes to this feeling of change. I'm only looking at things from what I see and know; God can see the whole picture, so I'm going to turn to Him for direction.

I only wish that trusting God - completely - wasn't such a struggle for me.


Rick said...

naah - trusting God completely is easy. trusting myself to follow Him, that's difficult.

keep keepin' it real.

mh said...

All of us have a "comfort zone". Sometimes God will begin to gently prod us...pressing us to move beyond that zone.

If I have learned anything, it is not to run from it...rather, embrace it.

Be Blessed,