Monday, July 25, 2005

Why did I ever worry?

Ok, He's done it again. God has proven Himself mighty.....but I knew He would. I don't know why I ever doubt Him.

Right before the trip to Cozumel, the transmission went out on my car. It wasn't really a shocking blow, because I knew there were some issues with my car, but I was praying that God would hold everything off until I could save up some money and get it looked at. Well, it didn't work out that way. The transmission started slipping, so I had to take it in, and it turned out to be the worst case scenario....and it would have cost me anywhere from $1300-$2500 to get it fixed. My poor little car, with a working transmission, wasn't worth that much!

Fortunately, I have a friend who looked into getting me a used transmission, and found one that I could have put in for about $800. The problem was, coming up with $800. Things are rather tight, due to some bad decisions on my part (God is working on me about that), so I was in a real pickle. Buying a car wasn't an option for several reasons, so suffice it to say, things weren't looking too good.

But God began to work things out. First of all, we have a staff car (at my job) that my boss decided to let me use until something worked out. So, I just began praying for God to move and provide me with the money to get my car fixed. I would have been happy just getting it back in good working order, so I could run it into the ground for a second time. [Let me add in here that my car has served me well! I found out the other day that my car was built to really only last 3 years - I got 8 good years out of mine! So I thank the Lord for that!]

Anyway - all this time, I've just been praying about the situation and thinking to myself that I could see no way for things to work out. At the same time, I had an incredible peace that He was going to take care of things. I just had no idea how He was going to do it!

My boss came in on Friday and told me that he had decided to give me the car...yes, I said GIVE...AND...because it would come to me like a bonus - and there would be a tax expense to me - some of our staff have given money to cover that cost. But that's not all...he talked with someone else who is going to help me sell my car for parts, and the money I get from that will go towards having my "new" car checked out and serviced to make sure it is in good working order.

Can you believe that?!?! I am so overwhelmed. I've feel like I haven't sufficiently responded to God and what He has done. I mean, I've been almost speechless about the whole thing. I did, however, share my story at church this morning. Perhaps there will be times over the next few weeks where God will provide an opportunity for me to share what He has done with other people. Who knows? All I know is that I now have a car, and it hasn't cost me a thing. I was hoping for the cash to get my car fixed, but He gave me a new car (new to me!) and, it is a bit of an's a slightly bigger car with power windows, door locks and seats. My other car wasn't that fancy. :)

So if you're reading this, and you think there is no solution to your problem - let me tell you there is. When I was on that cruise to Cozumel, one night I was up on the front deck, looking out into the vast blackness of the ocean with millions of stars twinkling overhead. God spoke to my heart at that moment and reminded me that if He could place each one of those stars in the sky, and know them by name, and if He could form the earth, with it's vast seas and all the creatures in it, and if He could know every detail of every person walking the face of the earth, surely He could handle the problems I was bringing to Him. To think that the Creator of this universe would even care that much about me to be concerned with my travel options is humbling....and awesome. He wants to know me and for me to know Him intimately. It blows my mind and I can hardly believe it.

I only hope I will remember the awe and wonder of this moment the next time I think I need to doubt God's working in my life. Maybe it will take longer to forget how good God is to me. :)

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V Patel said...

Whoa nelly! I need a boss that'll give me a car! :)