Thursday, December 18, 2003

'Tis the season, to be jolly....

But sometimes it's hard! My laptop was fixed and returned to me - only to be sent back today! It is a long story. But here it is in a letter I wrote to Apple and sent with my computer:

To Whom It May Concern:

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my laptop stopped working correctly. I took it the next day to a local Apple repair shop and they determined the logic board was bad and that it would have to be shipped to Apple for repairs. It was shipped on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving (November 24). I understood that with the holidays, it would be the following week before my computer would arrive at the repair center. The local repair shop was awesome at keeping me apprised of the status of my computer, but was at a loss as to why it was taking so long to get repaired. After a week and a half, the status on my computer indicated that the part was backordered. One of the guys at the local shop talked with someone at the repair center on Thursday, December 9, and was told that if the part had not arrived by Monday, December 15, he would put me in touch with Apple and they would talk with me about replacing my laptop. I called the local shop on Monday and they told me the part had been found and my computer had been repaired on Saturday, December 11 and that I should have my computer back by Tuesday, December 16 – almost three weeks to the date it had been shipped in the first place. Needless to say, I was just happy to get my laptop back.

I called on Tuesday, December 16, to see if my laptop had made it back, and sure enough – it had. I went to get it and was very dismayed by what I found. After I had checked to make sure the data on the computer was mine, the guy from the store closed my laptop and I was treated to the first view of the outer casing on my laptop. First of all, some tape had been applied and removed and in its place was a huge spot of tape glue. Not only that, there were other scratches and marks on the outside that were not there when I shipped it for repairs. They guy used some “Goo Gone” to remove the tape glue and then cleaned the top of the laptop, however, there were still many marks on my laptop that were not there the last time I had seen it. Unfortunately, I was running out of time on my lunch hour and had to leave before giving my laptop a detailed once-over. When I got back to my office and was able to really look at it, I was even more dismayed by the overall appearance of my laptop.

In addition to the scratches and marks on the top of my laptop, there were scratches to the bottom of the case and some of the seams of the laptop – the places where the different parts of the case come together – were warped or had gaps. For example, looking at the front of the laptop with the top down, near the clasp, the seam where the top of the keyboard meets the bottom of the case has a gap and looks like it was forced together. Also, when looking at the front of the laptop with the top down, the screen is warped, and does not close like it did prior to being “repaired”.

From a consumer’s perspective, it seems that when talk turned from repairing my computer to possibly having to replace it, the part suddenly appeared and my computer was “thrown together” to get it back to me. I feel that I am a reasonable person and that I was very understanding about the amount of time it took to repair my computer. However, I am severely disappointed in the treatment of my laptop. In my opinion the technicians should have treated it with more care than it was afforded. Now, I have to send my laptop off again for who knows how long to fix what wasn’t broken in the first place.


Well, that about sums it up. Can you tell I was/am frustrated? I don't think I'm being unreasonable.

I must admit, though, after dealing with this yesterday, I was quickly reminded of how stuff like this isn't really that important when there are people who are hungry or homeless or family-and friend-less. I have been so blessed in every other way, I truly cannot complain. holiday will still be jolly and happy because I have family and friends who love me and whom I love. I hope you do, too!

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