Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'm still here...

No, I've not fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been otherwise occupied.

I do have pictures of the house and will have those up by the end of the week. I love our house! Right now, I've got the house to myself as Deedee left for Illinois on Monday. She'll be back on Friday, along with her sister (our other roommate) Meagan, their mother and their mother's friend - and no telling who else that's coming to help Meagan get settled in. This weekend will be a riot!

Especially when we have our "Stripping & Screwing Party" on Saturday. . . . . .

Ok, I'm sure you're thinking "WHAT THE...."

It's not what it seems! We've got to strip down my/our dining room chairs (all six of them) and then screw the legs on tight - they're a bit loose. Anyway - we've had a bit of fun asking everyone if they wanted to attend our "Stripping & Screwing Party". You can imagine some of the looks we've gotten!!!

Oh, one other thing.....they got me! The folks from my church got me good last week for my birthday. You know, I turned 30 this year, so I was hoping someone would make a big deal of it - and they did!

My cell group normally meets on Thursday, but due to some scheduling conflicts, we had to move our meeting last week to Wednesday - the same night of the Bible study we recently started at the church. So, no big deal, our group just wouldn't be able to attend the Bible study.

Well, our home group meeting begins and there are a couple of people in attendance who normally aren't there - that was really cool since I knew them and had been hoping they would come to one of our meetings. We begin discussing our topic and people keep showing up. Now, I'm thinking...."Wow! God is really moving! Thanks, Lord!" and at the same time "God, help me not say something stupid!!" It all seemed a bit strange, but I've seen God do some weird stuff. I must have re-capped our topic 5 times by the time the group from the church shows up at our meeting. Then I knew - they were all there for my birthday! I experienced a myriad of emotions - all the way from excitement to embarrassment (I don't like being the center of attention like that.) It was great - and I really felt special and loved! (Thanks to Deborah and all those who helped her pull that off!)

So the adventure continues. I'm thinking of starting another blog just about my roommates and our house. Could be a lot of fun! I'll let you know if I do!

Have a great day!

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