Thursday, October 02, 2003

Checkin' In

I got an opportunity to be online, so I thought I'd post something really quick.

Deedee and I have started the study "A Call to Die". It is really bringing out some things in my life that I've never dealt with before. As hard as it is, I'm glad to be doing it. I've gotten tired of my spiritual life as it is and so it is worth whatever cost to be able to know Christ better and be more real with myself.

My pastor pointed something out at church last night that I had never considered or realized. He said that the Bible is a mirror that shows us our shortcomings and failures - our imperfections. For example, I may have never known what envy is until one day, I read about it in the Bible. All of a sudden, I realize - I have been envious of my friend. Now I know of a shortcoming in my life. The good news is, we have hope in Christ! There is redemption! Thank God for Grace!

Anyway, what I realized is this: I had been reading the Bible looking for a "good feeling" so to speak and not for the the hard truth. Not for the Word that cuts like a two-edged sword. I have been avoiding those parts that point out my shortcomings. Those parts that would really cause me to examine my life and that would eventually make me more like Christ.

Needless to say, it hasn't been "fun" exactly. I've been looking hard and long at my life. I'm not sure what I think right now, but I know that God is working something out in me and I can't wait to see what He can make out of this mess I am. :)

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