Sunday, November 09, 2003

Music to my ears!

I'm excited! I finally moved my piano from my parents house to my house. I have missed being able to sit down and play whenever the urge strikes. Playing the piano is therapeutic for me. When I have a stressful day or just need to relieve some tension, I'll pull out some old sheet music and play away.

Music is also my main venue of praise and worship to God. That includes playing my piano, singing or just listening to music that speaks to my heart. I sense His presence more when I'm into my music and whenever I need to pour out my heart to Him, I can do it much better through music than words.

Tonight I had the house to myself so I spent about an hour just piddling around on my piano. I was made painfully aware how out of practice I am. This is particularly strange since I'm the pianist for my church, but what I play on Sunday is a whole different ball game from Franz Schubert or Scott Joplin!

My piano is just a Lowrey console, nothing really special, except that I've had it since I was about 9 years old. (That's 21 years! Yikes, I'm getting old!) Anyway, I love the sound and feel of a real stringed piano, but I'm considering getting a digital. They are so much easier to move and I can plug earphones into one and play whenever I want to without disturbing anyone! Especially a plus if you have roommates!

In the meantime, I will take advantage of any opportunity I have the house to myself to work on some music. (I have one piece that has been requested by my pastor for an offertory that I must learn soon.) That way, no one else has to endure my mistakes as I work out the kinks!

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