Monday, March 17, 2003

Letting Go

Yesterday, several people shared in our worship service about their experience with depression. It seems like a lot of people are dealing with that right now. Most people aren't suffering from the clinical type, but from the life type. . .weather being gray too long; family members suffering from a serious illness; loss of a job, etc., etc. You know - life. Everyday stuff that gets to be too much. Of course, if other people are like me, they are trying to fix all the problems and bear the weight of everything by themselves. Instead of going to God....releasing it all into His hands.

One of the gentlemen who is dealing with depression, shared this: he realized he wasn't getting past the depression because he wouldn't let it go. Depression had become comfortable. It was what he knew. All the pain and hurt that brought the depression on was easier to hold on to than stepping out into the new things God is doing in his life. That really spoke to me. How many times have I held on to old things because the new thing that God was doing in my life was too scary?

A scene from one of my favorite movies, illustrates stepping out in faith. It is from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Last Crusade. Indiana Jones is facing some serious challenges to save his father's life. He makes it through two very gruelling tests and comes upon the last one: the leap of faith. He comes to the edge of this cliff, but the cave which holds his father's "salvation" is across this deep ravine. From all appearances, there is no way across. The clues in his book, however, tell Indiana a leap of faith is necessary, so he closes his eyes and takes a step . . . to find that there is a bridge right where there was nothing. It was hidden from view. All of a sudden, the way is clear for him to get across, grab hold of the Holy Grail and save his father. Wow.

That is so like how God works, isn't it? We can see no way, but He says "Just trust me. Take this step. I won't let you fall." But because we can't see a way, we cling to what we know - and miss what He has prepared for us.

Well, I just realized how similar this post is to Saturday's post. I guess God is trying to speak to me! He's good about that, too! Maybe I'll begin to let go of those things that are old, worn out and tired and take a "leap of faith" grabbing hold of God's hand as He leads me into the path He has for me.

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