Sunday, February 08, 2004

A cool surprise

The neatest thing happened to me this old friend, with whom I lost contact almost five years ago, found me and emailed me! He was someone I met through AOL and we were "long distance" friends - he lives in California and I in Mississippi. We lost touch when each of our lives, for various reasons, became hectic. Of course, I moved a couple of times and gave up my regular phone for a cell phone, so it was hard for him to find me. I had also changed emails a couple of times, too.

He is the coolest guy. After we first "met", we talked many times on the phone or via emails. I remember having fun chatting with him, encouraging him in his walk with Christ and just being an ear to listen when he was having a bad day. And he would do the same for me. He is a big sports fan, so we also had fun picking on each other about our favorite teams.

So anyway, I emailed him back, letting him know I was the same person he had known all those years ago. He called me tonight and we caught up on what has happened in each other's lives. He is happily married to a wonderful woman (he had just started seeing her when we last talked with one another) and has a son. I was so excited to talk with him. I truly considered him to be a friend (and still do.)

The bond that is created between people because of their relationship with Christ is always amazing to me. This friend is truly a brother in Christ and in spite of the fact it has been almost five years since we last spoke, our conversation picked up as if we had just spoken yesterday. That is so cool! Also, I'm glad there wasn't anything from our "past" that would have created an awkward situation in the present. His wife was in the room with him while we were talking, and even remembers me from way back. I think I may have even spoken to her at one point before he and I lost contact. (I'm not sure.)

Anyway.....this was just the coolest thing from my weekend. I love it when stuff like this happens! There are a couple of people from years gone by that I would love to find and have a conversation with. I really hate that I wasn't better about staying in touch with them.

In other roommates are all better. Our weekend was a bit slower than last weekend, so I got some rest. I can tell I'm getting older....I can't stay up until 2 am and have a decent day! That stinks! :)

Speaking of's way past mine already! Good night!

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