Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Illness strikes!

Well, it's just tons of fun around our house right now. Meagan went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and mono. Yuck! She works in a daycare, so there's no telling where that came from!

Tonight we were all home and Dee Dee said she was beginning to feel bad. Her throat is sore and very red, and the tonsil on the right side of her throat was looking a bit nasty. We found out yesterday that a co-worker of hers (who is also a friend) was out sick yesterday and today with a high fever and vomiting, so she could have been exposed to that, too.

I'm just praying that I don't get anything. However, as I sit here typing this, my throat is a bit scratchy and my eyes feel a bit sandy.....if you get my drift. I had a couple of sneezes earlier tonight, which usually doesn't bode well.


We can't complain, though.....none of us has been ill since we moved into this house. Thank God! I guess illness was bound to strike, since Dee Dee and Meagan both work with kids.

Pray for us!

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