Friday, January 16, 2004

The Passion of the Christ

Well, I thought I'd add something to the multitudinous posts about this movie. As you may know, I work for a national sports ministry and one of our vice-presidents had an opportunity to see a private screening of Mel Gibson's movie. Here is a portion of the email he sent us about the movie:
Staff -

Last week, I had the opportunity to see a private screening of Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion" at the National Network of Youth Ministries Forum in New Mexico with 250 youth leaders. The movie is an account of Christ's last 12 hours, depicting the crucifixion.

The movie was riveting and numbing. It was a life-changing event for me as my eyes were opened to the depth of Christ's sacrifice. As a Christian for 28 years and one who has read and heard the crucifixion story hundreds of times, it was like the first time I had encountered it. It vividly reminded me that it is all about the cross. Anyone that sees the movie will be challenged with the reality of Christ's love for us. Bottom line - it is all about Christ crucified, and that is the story that needs to be told.

At the very start of the movie, you could see people weeping - seeing the brutality of what Christ went through for us. No one left dry-eyed! It is a remarkable movie that not only every follower of Christ must see and also the skeptics. I pray that millions of movie watchers will be touched and transformed by the power of Christ. As I watched in awe, I realized that this might be one of the greatest evangelical tools ever! My prayer is that God will be lifted up and lives WILL be changed. In the movie, you see people encounter Christ in various settings and each one is transformed - the soldier whose ear was cut off by Peter, Pilate's wife, Simon who helped carry the cross, and many others. Transformation at each encounter. I pray that people can encounter Christ in a fresh, new way as they watch The Passion.

The movie will probably be Rated R. I have read that Mel Gibson commented to the brutality, "If you read the Bible -- the whole thing is pretty much rated R!" In order to accurately depict the crucifixion, he needed to hold back nothing from the torture Christ bore for us.

When asked what Mel's goal is for the movie, he said, "I hope they watch the movie and want to read the Book!" ... "I hope they are changed."

He spent over 35 million dollars of his own money, risked the doors of his world being slammed in his face and when asked "why?" he has said, "It was time. I just had to do it. It was just time to tell this story." Pray for Mel and this project.
I cannot wait to see this movie. I get a knot in my throat just watching the trailers, so I know I'll be one of those sobbing in the theater while watching it. I believe every Christian should go and see this film. I have a feeling it will cause a lot of folks to examine their's already got me looking into mine. To think that the Son of God would endure that type of torture, just so we could be with Him.......*eyes tearing up, and lump in throat*

It will be interesting to see the impact this film has.

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